A day of lions & minions

July 1st is Hong Kong SAR establishment day and marking the day when Hong Kong was given back to China. This year marks the 18th anniversary since the British left on June 30th 1997.

A colourful lion dance

After a morning of relaxing / “hea” (see Phil’s previous post for a definition of hea), we decided to head over to Shatin to sort out a few things and as we were in the library we could hear the sound of drums which could only mean lions! Yes, Chinese lion dance time. We saw that outside the New Town Plaza shopping mall there was a stage set up and a performance was in progress.

Acrobatic lions

We watched the lions and a dragon and then we noticed there was poles on the side of the stage. It was going to be an acrobatic lion dance, they are the best type of lion dances as the lion (two people in a lion outfit similar to a pantomime horse) jump up onto poles and jump between poles with just enough space on top of the poles to place the lions feet! Considering how little these performers must be able to see these performances are very impressive.


Afterwards we headed into the shopping centre to cool off in the air con and saw a cool minion display.

A Minion Selfie
A Minion Selfie
Troublesome three
Troublesome three

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