10 favourite places in Hong Kong

So many people know, I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast and there are many places in Hong Kong where one can enjoy the lovely countryside. So, here are some of my favourite place that I enjoy very much.

1. Double Deer Stream – Sai Kung 西貢 雙鹿石澗

What I like about it:  Nice volcanic rock geography and beautiful scenery, awesome and challenging river to navigate, nice scrambling along the way. (Yes, I’m doing this again soon)

10384294_10100817582265993_708204253874015137_n  10376285_10100817582665193_2313451929959018882_n

2. Po Pin Chau – Sai Kung 西貢 破邊洲

What I like about it: My first every coasteering – very different to normal hike. Lots of swim to cross the bays – also a nearly 1 km open water swim. I love the massive sea caves at bay.


3. Sai Wan Beach – Sai Kung 西貢 西灣

What I like about it: One of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong (near the Double Deer Stream). There is a campsite on the beach and snorkelling is great.

10429441_10100991095254573_3949100671799731525_n  10247456_10100991096556963_6044133168756878443_n

4. Lotus Stream – Tai Lam Country Park 大欖 蓮花石澗

What I like about it: Chillex stream trek. Lots of waterfalls and rock pools. It has an exotic appeal to it

1044730_10154290777465103_119864554261056641_n  10491227_10154290775795103_6255847592412274446_n

5.  Lobster Bay – Clear Water Bay 清水灣 龍蝦灣

What I like about it: It has an exotic feeling about the place (somehow it looks like Thailand). The water is so clear that you can see the fish and jellyfish in the sea. I also love the sea cave where you can play with the wave.

11141180_10152997435505642_9218800327136920004_n  11214206_10152997435915642_4333273293883305369_n

6. Sharp Peak – Sai Kung 西貢 蚺蛇尖

What I like about it: Beautiful beaches along the way, challenging climb to the top of the mountain and of course the Sharp Peak dog (a village dog) who love to tag along and climb up to the Sharp Peak with the hikers. I like the fact that he asked for biscuits for treats once we got to the top.

1526212_10100717831602123_229201809_n  1521209_10100717831073183_1526136153_n

7. Lantau Peak – Lantau Island 大嶼山 鳳凰山

What I like about it: Can be a challenging hike if you do this as a night hike (via a normal route), or if you do it in the day via the bushwhack / scrambling route. If the weather is nice, you can see the famous Big Buddha at the bottom of the mountain.

11627_10101101877535993_132643609055227272_n  600_313083232

8. Ma On Shan 馬鞍山

What I like about it: Beautiful mountain overlooking at Sai Kung. The hike to the top can be challenging and involved hardcore scrambling through the bush.

600_299446862  600_298854862

9.  The Infinity Pool – Lantau Island 大嶼山 天池

What I like about it: A chilled out stream trek with bouldering along the way. I love the Infinity Pool at the top where you can relax and chill out by a waterfall. We had picnic in the Infinity Pool too.

10475689_10100844817256853_3918361496392023307_nxx  10500573_10152551705112329_7180963300461725933_n

10. Wang Chung Stream – Tai Po 大埔 橫涌石澗

What I like about it: It was a relaxing hike with a lot of deep lakes where you can dive into the lake.

10288768_10100877247261863_7725660661609770847_n  10538046_10100877247401583_5175736021653166934_n


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