[Photo Blog] When Salmons Meet Deer – Stream Trekking at the Double Deer River

On the last weekend, the Salmon Crew when to the Double Deer Stream in Sai Kung, one of my favourite places in Hong Kong.

Sai Wan Beach
Sai Wan Beach

You may ask, why did we name ourselves “The Salmon Crew”? Well, because we climbing upstream toward the top of the river, just like the annual ritual of salmons swimming up the river. (Yes, very lame – at least we didn’t get eaten by the brown bears!)

Wading through the water
Wading through the water
Relaxing on the dam wall
Relaxing on the dam wall

So we started our day by taking a bus from Sai Kung Town. After we got dropped off at the Sai Wan pavilion, we slowly walked towards to the Sai Wan Beach, which is another awesome place in Hong Kong due to its natural beauty, crystal blue water and pure white sands. The only way to get there is either on foot or by yacht. It is also a popular camping spot in Hong Kong.

Selfie at the start
Selfie at the start

Chilling at the Four Pools, Swimming Along the River

As a chillex group of guys and gals, we decided to spend some time soaking up the sun, lying on rocks just under the waterfall to enjoy the massage parlour that the nature had to offer. On top of that we also swam in the river.

The Four Pools
The Four Pools

 11828576_10153177763389773_4673744510683694246_n 11822410_10153177774184773_3469306986660861522_n

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Climbing to the Top

That can essentially be summarised by the S Club 7’s song “Reach for the Stars”, with lyric changed! It is of course mandatory to sing along.

Reach for the stars rocks, climb every mountain higher. Reach for the stars rocks, follow your heart’s desire. Reach for the stars rocks, and when that rainbow’s shining over you water’s bashing on your head,  there’s where your dream will the awesome view all come true.

11800329_10155863349490103_5646271486343114758_n 11828576_10153177763389773_4673744510683694246_n

11217560_10155809038575005_5208002931904416785_n  11817248_10153177873264773_3156484000557996678_n



11219609_10153177785284773_7776683731139609712_n 20150802_151950

20150802_145240 11828565_10153177873799773_8251205616328519949_n


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    Awesome pictures Phil, and Chris would well approve of the song!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yhpchung says:

      It’s compulsory to change the lyric!

      At least I’m singing something different this time, other than the Lion King “In the Jungle” song when I was on top of a rock (after a hard climb!)


  2. Charmaien says:

    Omg!! Would love to go there . Do u organise Meetup ? U should lead a group , I’d join !! 😀 pleaseee?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yhpchung says:

      Sometimes I organize the outings and sometimes I join the other. Just drop me a message on y.h.p.chung(at)gmail.com and I will let you know.


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