Double Stream Trekking, Coasteering, Snorkelling & Bush Whacking – A Bear Gryll Style Day Out in Hong Kong

At time of writing, I had been watching an episode of Bear Grylls’ Man vs  Wild – Global Survival Guide (Click here to watch it on YouTube). Looking at part of the episode, I was  thinking:

  1. These survival techniques would be useful (although I wouldn’t want to use it for real)
  2. I just had an action pack Saturday probably similar to first part of the episode.
This must be me in actions - That guy has dark hair just like me :)
This must be me in actions – That guy has dark hair just like me 🙂
Phil in action - for real. I think I look the same as Bear Grylls except the colour of my top.
Phil in action – for real. I think I look the same as Bear Grylls except the colour of my top.

On the hottest day (37 oC) since record began in 1884, a group of us went out to the Hong Kong Geopark for some cooling off. Just for the reader’s record, Saturday was happened to be the first day of autumn according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, but it turned out to be very hot! Either the ancient Chinese wisdom has been lying to us or global warming had caused it to become out of sync.


Action Pack Trip

So we started off the day by walking through the shaded woodland path until we saw the river! So I met my nemesis again because about a year ago I suffered  from heat exhaustion in attempt to coasteer near this area. It was so bad that I had to pull out completely. However, with my improved skills and better awareness, I survived this part of the hike.

DSC_0078 IMG-20150808-WA0005

When we reached the creek, we ignored the warning signs and headed straight into the creek (just like any other hikes). It was a nice easy strolls downstream as we headed towards the coast. We had some chilled out time in the rock pools and played with the friendly fresh water fish in the river. The fish even nibbled my dead skins! Who would want to go to Thailand and paid for the beauty parlor.


Coasteering and Snorkelling

When we reached the estuary, it became apparent that the sea water was very hot. It felt like we were bathing in hot cup of tea and somehow it was slightly uncomfortable. Some of us, including myself, swapped their sunglasses into the snorkelling goggles. It has been reported that people have sighted coral fish and starfish in the area. So, it Operation Finding Nemo and Patrick Star (from Sponge Bob Square Pants). After around 30 minutes, we didn’t see anything. Was it because it was low tide or was it sea water in that area was a bit too warm (global warming)? I really don’t know, but we failed the mission completely!

IMG-20150808-WA0012 DSC_0070

Having said that we managed to practice open sea rescue. So,I guess it may be come to useful at some point? Another survival skill learnt!

Second Stream Trek & Bush Whack

With us failing to find Nemo and Patrick Star, we slowly climbed up the river again and had a dip into a lack. What a relief. The water was fresh and ice cold. It was brilliant! We had a wash down, cool off and enjoyed the natural scenery! With this in mind, we slowly bush whacked back to the bus stop.



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