My cousin-nephew’s 100 day birthday

A couple of weeks ago, it was my cousin-nephew’s 100 day birthday.  So the family followed the Chinese tradition and had a 100 day birthday party (百日宴) on the Saturday night. Traditionally, the 100 day birthday symbolises longevity for the child. It is also the way to “officially” introduce the child to the family and friend. Of course, cuddling the child is the most important thing in the party! These days, the hosts are likely to throw some modern twists into the party.IMG-20150808-WA0020

Our Party

Our cousin hosted the evening party at a local restaurant. It was nicely decorated in a Chip and Dale theme my cousin’s favourite cartoon characters and they even dress up in Chip and Dell t-shirts). There were a pair of Chip and Dell clown balloons, a giraffe and an elephant clown balloons too! They were ever so cute!

On top of that there were many cup cakes with Chip and Dale icing on top and countless number of Chip and Dale macaroons. They were really delicious and I couldn’t stop having them – especially I had a solid day of stream trekking, coasteering and snorkelling earlier that day! Or maybe I was just greedy!

IMG-20150808-WA0023 IMG-20150808-WA0022

The Star of the Evening

My cousin-nephew was of course the star of the evening. Dressing up in the Chip outfit, he was literally passed around to different people to have cuddles and he seemed to enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, Hayley wasn’t there to give him a cuddle because she was away from Hong Kong for business reason, so instead I told my cousin-nephew that I would be giving him lots and lots of cuddles on her behalf and he seemed to be approved of what I said!

Since, he was the star, he also had a lot pictures taken of him. He also received a lot of Lai See – red envelops stuff with money to symoblise blessings and good wishes given to him. Unfortunately, he was still too young to say 恭喜發財 利是逗來 (pronounced as Gong Hay Fat Choy  Lai See Dou Loy)  which is loosely translated as “happy new year, give me your lai see to me now”. It is a phase that I used to say (and still say) to people in Chinese New Year to get Lai See! Of course any self-righteous and polite kids should know how to say this phase! As an uncle, it is my responsibility to teach my cousin-nephew to say this properly! 🙂


Food and Drinks 

Food and drinks are also the important parts of the party. In addition to the non-traditional food such as the cup cakes and the macaroons, we had lots of yummy traditional food such as the red eggs, which is traditionally eaten at the 100 day birthday party (red symbolises happiness and eggs symblise new life). We also had other food such as hog roasts (family’s favourite), fried chicken, steam fish, braised vegetables, fried rice and noodles. All of which were very tasty.


So hopefully, this blog post had given you some interesting glimpse of the traditional Chinese culture, other than the normal outdoor adventure blog posts. Comment below if you have been to family events like this or equivalents in your culture.  

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  1. Linda says:

    What an interesting post Phil. It is a lovely picture of your mum with her great nephew.


  2. sounds like you al says:

    Sounds like


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