Exploring Tap Mun Island and Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park on a Sea Kayak

It was a scorching hot day few Saturday ago, we went out to have a relaxing sea kayaking adventure near Tap Mun Island and Ho Hai Wan Marine Park. Located at the North East of Hong Kong, it’s one of the most remote places you can go to escape from the busy city.


Ferry Ride to the Sea Kayak Centre

So we started out our day with a nice ferry ride from Ma Liu Shui near the Chinese University to Ko Lau Wan (10 minutes walk from the sea kayak base at Sai Kung). For those who haven’t done this ferry ride, it is one of the things you should do when you are out in Hong Kong. This 1.5-hour ferry ride will take you through the Tolo Channel and to some amazingly beautiful places and protected areas of Hong Kong. If you have the choice, do seat at the front of the boat where you will be surrounded by the awesome view.

Boat ride to Ko Lau Wan

Our First Crossing to Tap Mun Island

We met up with the group at the sea kayak centre and we immediately started sorting out all the kits and the sea kayaks. Once we got sorted, we paddling across the harbour, we had our first open sea crossing. The weather was perfect and we were able to see miles and miles till the edge of the horizon. This was what you would call a perfect Saturday out. It was nice to practice our skill that we learnt from the previous week too!

Everyone were getting ready to paddle

Tap Mun Island is one of Hayley and I’s favourite places in Hong Kong for its beauty and tranquillity. It was really nice to explore it from the sea for the first time, especially seeing the hiking trails that we’ve been to from a different angle.

First open water crossing to the Tap Mun Island

Ho Hai Marine Park

After getting to Tap Mun Island, we then paddled towards to the mainland at the Hoi Ha Marine Park. This is a protected area of Hong Kong and many wildlife can be found in that area. It was really nice to coast along the quiet shore and admire the beauty of the natural scenery,  especially when the water was so clean that we were able to see fish at the bottom of the sea. We were also very privileged to have moored up onto the beach where we had lunch on beneath some trees.

Paddling along the coast of Ho Hai Marine Park
Lunch Spot
Lunch spot


Fish Farm At Tap Mun Island

After lunch, we explored more of the Marine Park and then made a crossing back to Tap Mun Island. This time the water was slightly choppy, which presented a nice change to the clam see in the Marine Park. After the open sea crossing, we explored the traditional fish farm and the fishing village dotted on the coast of the Tap Mun Island. It felt like we were in Vietnam or some other exotic countries. (Maybe we were in an exotic country!)

With this lovely scene, we paddled back to the kayak centre ended our adventure on the high note.



Boat ride back home

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