Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

Last week was the Mid-Autumn Festival, which was celebrated across many countries in Asia (such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Vietnam). It was a time of catching up with family and friends to celebrate a good harvest.

This year Hayley’s parents visited us in Hong Kong after their holiday in China. So, we took them around town to enjoy the festivities and celebration. We did many things that were typically local.

Barbecue at the Tai Tam Reservoir

We met up some of our hiking friends and had a massive barbecue. Having a barbe is one of the Hongkongese things to do around the Mid-Autumn festival. So, it was great to join in and meet some of our friends.

The seaside view at Tai Tam Bay – Just Chilling and Enjoying the View Before the Barbe
Barbecuing in Hong Kong Style – Grill Your Own Meat Using A Giant Metal Fork

Day Trip to the Tap Mun Island

Another Hongkongese things to do – As the weather cools down it’s time for people to head outdoors. So we chose Tap Mun Island (our favourite place) because of it natural beauty and the long boat ride through the Tolo Channel. On top of the scenery, there is a fishing village on the island where you can see live off the sea in a traditional way.

Boat Ride to Tap Mun Island


The Copycat Balancing Rocks
Wild Cow Roaming On the Island

Celebrating the Festival in Shatin Park

Another cool thing to do was to visit a park and look at the Lantern decorations. This year in additions to the lantern, there was a concern and many stalls where people were doing traditional Chinese arts and crafts, such lantern making, silhouette paper cutting and many other more.

We went to the Jurassic Park and it was the year of the dinosaurs
Attempted selfie (without the moon)

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