Celebrating the mid-autumn festival with possibly the last stream trek of the year

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, our friends decided to celebrate the festivity with a twist. Judging the invite were from hiking friends of our, we expected it to be something awesome. Guess what it stream trekking time and we went to the Au Pui Stream in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

Au Pui Stream is considered one of the easiest climb in Hong Kong with lots boulders and mini-waterfalls. That was perfect for picnic, swim by the waterfalls and catch up with friends. On the day of the hike, we headed up towards a local dam and somehow managed to by-pass the fence designed to prevent people from going in. Yes, we are a bunch of nutters and we when we saw any fence, warning signs etc. That’s probably the way forward.

The “before” photo. Lots of happy faces from all the boys and girls

Climb Every Mountain

Once we by-passed the dam, we entered the water. It was really nice and crisp considering the weather was still very hot. It must be global warming right? Or was it because the group of hot guys and girls 😛

We had a paddle and a swim in the first lake then we started climbing. As the nuns in the Sound of Music sing:

Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow,
‘Till you find your dream.

And yes, we actually did that, except the rainbow bit as there weren’t any that day.

First climb on a mini-waterfalls
Hayley doing her first climb in the stream

More Waterfalls

Aui Pui Stream consists of multiple waterfalls and presents some nice technical challenges, especially if you tackle them heads on in the water.

Hardcore climbs


More waterfall actions…

Tree Climbing

On one of the sections required us to climb over some tree roots in order to make it across to another side of the river. I think this was the favourite part for most people and all of us seemed to enjoyed it a lot.

Tree climbing – look at all the happy faces 🙂

Reaching to the top

It was nice to have reached the top of the stream. We celebrated the mid-autumn festival in a lake. We had lot of yummy food like sushi, home-made apple and cinnamon cakes, and sun cakes. (Yes sun cakes – no one brought any moon cakes with us). To be fair, we were sitting under the sun so it’s only appropriate to have sun cakes!

Almost at the top. Hayley was leading the way and followed by Phil swimming behind.
Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with an awesome picnic.

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  1. Linda says:

    looks like hard work in places, but , like you say , everyone looks happy

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