Beach Camping at Ham Tin, Hong Kong

Camping on one of the Hong Kong’s beaches is one of the best things to do in life. With all the beautiful scenery and crystal clear water, it is one of the best weekend getaways one can do. For this reason, Hayley and I, together with our friends, had a camping weekend away at Ham Tin Beach at Sai Kung.

It was a sunny weekend and we decided to walk to the beach from Sai Wan Pavilion. As usual, it was a nice stroll along the contour line of the hill until half an hour later we had to walk up some steep hills with our heavy packs. After we reached the top, we saw the beautiful beaches in front of us and that gave us the motivation to walk on after a brief respite at the shaded woodland at the top of the hill.

Eye spy with my little eyes, something begins with an ‘s’.
Happy campers!

Playing in the sea

After a long and sweaty walk, we finally managed to get to the Ham Tin Beach. We found a good spot to dump out rucksacks and quickly set up our tents.  We then literately stripped into our swimwear and jumped into the sea.  We paddled and played in the waves. There were plenty of waves that weekend and all the surfer dudes were out there too!

Ham Tin Beach from the cliff
Pitching up at a nice spot. What more can you ask for?
Chilling out in the waves

Barbecue on the beach

After a few hours of fun under the sun and playing in the sea, we headed to a local store in the Ham Tin Village to pick up our foods and charcoals for a BBQ on the beach. To our surprise, the man at the store handed us a carrier bag full of food. It looked like we were going to have a massive feast for the evening.

On top of that, we brought some marshmallows, chocolates and biscuits for the compulsory smores as part of the awesome BBQ.  We were so stuff at the end and we offered our meat to our neighbours who happened to be barbecuing too.

Enjoying the sunset at the beach as we set up the BBQ
One match fire
It was a balanced diet, honest!
The compulsory smore – nice pudding to finish off the night

More fun on the beach

On the second day, we jumped into the sea for more paddling and played with the wave before breakfast. What more can you ask for a relaxing Sunday morning?

Last day on the beach.
Cow roaming on the hillside path. She was really chilled and even allowed us to pet her

After more fun and breakfast, we packed up and walked to the Sai Wan Beach. It was about 30 minutes away on foot. Before we took the speed boat back home at Sai Wan Beach we managed to squeeze about 20 minutes to have more fun paddling.

The boat ride home was fun. The fact that we had to walk onto the boat like that made us look like we were on the Jame Bond Island in Thailand!

The weekend when we were there, the sea condition was rough and boatman sailed his speedboat as if he was James Bond being chased by some baddies. So for about 40 minutes, we had to brace ourselves on the seat otherwise we may have been thrown out into the sea. Having said that it was the best ride so far.

Guess who were the Bond Girls? Wait, where’s my martini?

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