SUP fun day out on Cheung Chau Island

Despite the fact yesterday was the last day of October. the weather was warm enough to still do water activity. After all, we live in a tropical country. Hayley and I, together with few of our friends went to Cheung Chau Island to have a fun day out with an SUP experience (also known as Stand Up Paddling).

The day started off somehow cloudy and it wasn’t the warmest day. To be fair I shouldn’t be complaining, because it was nice and refreshing with a hint of autumn! As we arrived the island on the ferry, the day brighten up. We purposely arrived earlier than most of our friends so that we can explore the island for bit. We ended up looking at some of the local craft shops and had a lovely lunch (a pork knuckle and pickle cabbage) at one of the cool German bars on the island.

Hayley at a cool German bar on Cheung Chau Island


We caught up with friends after lunch and walked onto the beach house located at Kwan Yum Beach on the quiet side of the island, where our instructor was waiting for us. For many of us, it was the first time to be on an SUP and we were very excited about our new adventure.

Our instructor introduced us to all the equipment and explained all the essential techniques.

The group listened in to the all the instructions
Geared up and ready to go

Practicing the technique

So, it was time to get into the water. To make sure we understood what was explained to us, the instructor sent us off to the sea one by one, and telling us what to do in practice.

Hayley was waiting her turn, while the instructor was telling our friend what to do
Happy SUP adventurers…

Trial and Error

SUP looks very easy, but in fact it was a very challenging thing. Especially when the sea was little choppy. This makes standing up and keeping a decent balance very difficult. So most of us started off in the kneeling position while trying to master the paddling. Even then, the waves threw us off balance very easily, so we ended up in the water. Having said that, it was quite refreshing to be in the water given that the sun was blazing on us.

Towards the end, all of us managed to stand up and paddled. I was very proud of myself for having stood up and paddled for more than 5 minutes.

A fuzzy picture of Hayley. She was walking on water like Jesus! It was difficult to take a picture of this awesome ability whilst standing up on my board.
Paddling over to explore the rocks

Beer and Barbecue

After a  couple of hours being on the SUP board, we headed back and had cold beer at the beach house. What a lovely day out we had. After a quick drink, we headed off to see some more friends and enjoyed the evening BBQ on the other side of the island.

Sunset at the Cheung Chau Ferry Pier
Pyromaniacs in action. Or as a Michelin starred chef would called it “flame kissed”. I swear all of us increased the risk of getting cancer by more than 18% as concluded by the WHO.

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