Searching for the Sun at the Sunset Peak

Signs of Autumn is coming to Hong Kong and it’s time to do some “normal” hiking. A few weeks ago a few of us headed up to the Sunset Peak (third highest peak in Hong Kong) for a chill-out Sunday stroll and a mini-bushwhack.

A Cool Hike On A Cool Day

The weather was relatively milder and more refreshing than the previous weeks. About 15 degrees in town as opposed to 30+ degrees in the previous few days. (Or more like single digit at the summit) Of course, it was a good season to explore the hill that was completely covered by silvergrass.

A quick group selfies at the beginning of the trail
Is that the way to the top?

The Lantau Camp and Silvergrass

The weather was very changeable. It was rather warm at the bottom of the trail, but as we approach the Lantau Camp at the mountain ridge, it became very windy and very cloudy. Lantau Camp is located toward the top of the summit of the Sunset Peak. These brick huts were built many years ago as a holiday place for the British soldiers based in Hong Kong. Apparently, you can still rent it and stay there a few nights, but I’ve never done that before. Maybe one day.

Getting windy on the ridge – time to wrap up

Slivergrass is one of the famous features of the Sunset Peak. The beauty of this wild plant is made famous by various music videos made for the Hong Kong singers like Eason Chan. (Click here to listen to his album – Taste of Atmosphere on youtube). When this album became famous, going to see the silvergrass is like an ritual to becoming a true Hongkongese hiker.

Silvergrass near the summit – we had to bushwhack through it to reach the top

Final Stretch to the Summit

The final stretch was a beautiful part of the ascend. It was really great to see the cloud rolling over the majestic Lantau Peak nearby – a scene that one doesn’t see every day.

Cloud rolling over the hills nearby
The group reach the top – very windy and chilly
The view on another side of the hill – beach anyone?

Have you been to the Sunset Peak to see the silver grass in the autumn? Have you been on a memorable hike? Comment below.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ray says:

    What a beautiful day. I do enjoy Lantau Island, though I’ve stuck to the more touristy parts such as the Big Buddha. Did you see any wild cows 🙂


    1. yhpchung says:

      There are many hidden gems on Lantau Island including beaches, rolling hills and waterfalls etc. 🙂

      Unfortunately, we didn’t see any cows that day. We probably headed to the wrong place. The cows normally hang out at the lowlands, seaside and the villages.


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