Christmas holiday with the horses

Hayley and I went home over the Christmas to spend time with the family. It was nice to catch up with people and join in the festivity.

Before we headed off, we stocked with with winter long johns from an Uniqlo shop, thinking that it would be very cold. Surprisingly, it was one of the mildest winter we had in the UK (at least in my memory). There was even some sunny days when we were there. So much as so we managed to squeeze in a few days of riding.


Our Rides

As it turned out, I finally manage to learn how to canter on a horse after 8 years having on-and-off riding lessons from Hayley. It worked because Hayley threatened me for not allowing me to have Christmas dinner. To be fair I managed how to learn how to tort after she threatened me for not allowing me to have roast beef and Yorkshire puddings!

I was so confident on myself that I agreed to head out for a three-horse hack right after the short lesson. (Yes, that included some canters in the woods)

Taking action shots with our new GoPro Camera for the first time. Phil managed to canter for the first time.

Of course learning how to ride always involve falling off the horse. On the second hack of Christmas, I managed to fall off Stardust whilst cantering in the wood. At least I dusted myself and got on again, even though I had a sore bottom afterward for the next few days!

All in all, it has been fun learning how to ride.

What was your Christmas like? Did you do anything exciting?


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  1. Whooops! I hope you didn’t get hurt when you fell of.

    We spent our Christmas with my parents/mom as my dad had to work the nightshift. 🙂
    We ate too much as always, I guess Austrians are not so different from Chinese as one might think. 😛


    1. yhpchung says:

      Well, nothing really serious apart from some bruises. At least I was lucky not to have been ran over by one of the horses.

      Yes, major festivities are excuses for people to get together and eat a lot. After all, it’s a human nature to do so. The European would do that for Christmas, the Chinese would eat a lot for the upcoming new year, and Muslim would do exactly the same for the Eid festival.

      I hope you had a nice Christmas and very happy 2016.


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