[Photo Blog] Düsseldorf Christmas Market

Over the Christmas holiday, Hayley and I headed back to the UK to see the family. On the way to the UK, we had an 8-hour layout in Düsseldorf and we decided to visit the famous German Christmas market and to soak up some festivities before heading off to the UK.

So, here was our day out in Düsseldorf

We arrived at Altstadt, [the old town of Düsseldorf] very early in the morning and the only place that was open was a local bakery. We headed in and had some yummy pastries. I had a strong coffee, while Hayley had a hot chocolate. It was lovely and it showed how much we miss the proper bread and pastries – something that is lacking in Hong Kong or otherwise super expensive.
What a lazy baker. He was still asleep while all his friend was slaving in the kitchen.


The day was still early and we could resist having a play in a playground that we came across. It did say ‘für Kinder’ somewhere on the sign… Oh well, both of us never grow up, so we are technically children!
So, things were starting to open up and Hayley asked for a glass of Glühwein at one of the places before noon. The guy just looked at her weirdly and replied her in a very surprised tone. He was probably thinking an alcoholic Brit just turned up. To be fair it was like 9pm HK time, so that’s ok.
We loved the highly decorated shop fronts. They looked very beautiful and very Christmassy.
‘Zwei würst bitte’ – finally they tasted meaty and nice much better stuff than one can get in Hong Kong
A random church on the side of the street. We headed into one of them and they had signpost saying that they would offer emergency food, shelters and free German lessons to the refugees. It was really humbling to see people were doing such kind things to complete strangers who are less well-off than ourselves. This really captured the best of humanity and the sprite of Christmas.
Oh no, Santa is stuck. No presents for all the good boys and good girls this year unless we rescue him off the side of the building.

What was your Christmas like? Did you go somewhere different? Or did something different?


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  1. I am almost living on Christmas markets. I love to drink hot spiced wine, and I love to eat Bratwurst with mustard. 😀

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    1. yhpchung says:

      I have to say, bratwursts are probably the best thing to have at the Christmas. I also love the atmosphere too.


  2. The best thing about Bratwurst is, that you can eat it all year long. We eat it a lot in summer at BBQs. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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