Lunar New Year Night Hike & Blogger Meets Blogger

Traditionally Hong Kong has firework display on the second day of Lunar New Year. As one can imagine, this is a very popular event amongst the locals and tourists alike, and often the habour front gets really packed.

Exploring the Borderland of Hong Kong

On one January weekend, Hayley and I decided to have a date. There was no gourmet food in a fancy restaurant, no romantic films in a cinema. Instead we headed up to Sha Tau Kok – the most northern part of Hong Kong, and right at the border to China – for a hike and a lovely picnic.

‘Twas the Night before Chinese New Year

Hayley and I had an entertaining evening to rework a famous festive poem ” ‘Twas the night before Christmas” into ” ‘Twas the night before Chinese New Year”. Enjoy and happy new year! P.S. As a challenge, I would like to see you to rework this poem and adapt it into your own Chinese New…