Letting it Go in Hong Kong’s Winter Wonderland – Part 2: Getting (Kind of) Famous

On the day, we had a French magazine editor from the Geo Magazine. This magazine specalises in travel and lifestyle . We were honoured to have the editor tagged along the group and experienced the best of Hong Kong’s wilderness. (Literately, off the beaten path for most tourists). Of course, we were looking forward to getting famous in the Francosphere.

[Photo & Video Blog] Exploring Sharp Island of Hong Kong

On a weekend in March, few of our friends decided to explore some nearby islands of Sai Kung city of Hong Kong. Many of these places are accessible by passenger boats, but we decided to do it differently. We went exploring on sit-on-top kayak.

6 Things to do in Xi’an

Hayley and I visited Xi’an last month to celebrate her birthday. It was a long weekend but we managed to cramp in a lot within the three days. So, here are some of out top 6 highlights

The Air-Con’s Prayer

Summer is around the corner and Hong Kong is getting hotter. Its humidity is high so the weather is getting unbearable. However, our air conditioner wasn’t working properly. Thank God the landlord fixed it for us and we can now enjoy some cool air at home.

Off the beaten trail adventure to Xi’an

Last month, Hayley and I had a weekend away to Xi’an, China to celebrate her birthday. It was an exciting weekend and we certainly did something that was off the beaten trail for most tourists. Apart from visiting the Terracotta Army, the city wall and the Muslim quarter, we stayed in a cave at the countryside.