Exploring the Remote Coast of Hong Kong – Nam She Wan Beach & Wong Mau Chau Island

As many of our blog follower may know, Hayley and I are getting addicted to kayaking. Given Hong Kong is endowed with long stretch of coastlines, sea kayaking present a good opportunity to explore places that are not accessible by conventional means.

Last Saturday, Hayley and I had a chance to explore Nam She Wan Beach and Wong Mau Chau Island in Sai Kung Hong Kong. Despite the unstable weather forecast, we were fortunate enough to have the weather stayed put, allowing us to check out these remote places.

Setting off from

The group set off from Tan Ka Wan and slowly paddled towards the Grass Island (or locally known as Tap Mun) via Ko Lau Wan, where there was a public pier and small fishing village. It’s a traditional to for the group to kayak underneath the pier as it was built on stilts. However, last Saturday there was a super high-tide, so we had to almost duck out heads and be mindful of the paddles otherwise we would have hit the pier.

After we reached the Tap Mun Channel, we headed west and went towards Nam She Wan. The water at the Channel was somehow choppy and it presented a nice change of paddling in clam water.

The group was paddling off the Tap Mun Channel


Exploring the rocky coastline

As we left the Channel, we sensed the deterioration of the weather. The fog was closing in and we decided to hug the coast to ensure we wouldn’t get lost. But that means we were able to check out some of the nice coastlines. We saw sea caves, sheer rock face and many more.  We even had a chance to explore some of random islands off the coast. They were actually small rocky outcrops near Nam She Wan Beach.

We even paddled up to the beach and had lunch with a cow which was roaming wildly on the beach.

Some of the caves along the coast
Hayley and Phil taking a break on the kayak


Chillexing at a Tropical Paradise

After lunch, the weather cleared up and we were able to cross the sea and explored Wong Mau Chau Island. It was a lovely island, which, in my opinion, remained as one of the hidden gem in Hong Kong. There was a large white light house on the top, a small beach and a pier on the island.

As we approached the island, we saw many sea urchins holding on to the rocks at the sea floor and we were able to see them from the kayak. The water was really clean and lovely to swim in – just don’t go in bear foot and get spiked by these creatures.

We moored by on the beach on Wong Mau Chau Island. Many of us decided to cool off in the sea.
The water was soooo clean that you could even see the rocks at the sea floor from the top of the hill. It felt like we were on some kind of tropic paradise. (In actual fact – we were)


Many of you know Hayley and I do hang out with sensible people – one that jump off cliffs and pier. How can we resist a chance of not taking a splash? This, I have to say, was the highlight of the day.

Hayley jumped off the pier first
Followed by Phil doing  a running jump. I love this action shot.


After jumping off the pier, we explore the island for a bit and checked out the lighthouse at the top

Trip Details


Have you explore any remote places in your country, either on sea kayak or by other means? What was it like? Comment below



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