Afternoon Fika at FINDS

Earlier this month, Hayley treated me to an afternoon fika in a Scandinavian cafe called FINDS in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. I was told  the name stands for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. 

Fika is a Swedish word that means going for a coffee in a social setting. These days, you can have anything other than coffee of course. Having something to eat is also important part of going to fika and this is known as fikabröd in Swedish.

Cafe with colourful decoration. The tables definitely look bit Ikea-like. Well, I suppose that is Swedish, right?
Hayley looks stunning 🙂
The birthday boy dressed up smartly. That must be rare occasion!
That looked absolutely delicious and tasted fantastic. I loved the salmon canapes and the pastries stuffed with berries.
And yes, that what we had…

How to find the cafe?

  • Webpage:
  • Address: The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong




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  1. I ate before reading this and I am still salivating over the pastries.

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