Day Trip to Pangerang, Malaysia

When Hayley and I were in Singapore in May, we decided to take a side trip to Pangerang, Malaysia. The place is not somewhere that is on the top of the list for most tourists, and the way to get there is to take a bum boat from Changi, Singapore, as oppose to crossing the land border up north, like many “normal” tourist would do.

Despite its close proximity to Singapore, Pangerang is certainly not as developed as its neighbour. In a sense, it does retain much of it characters. As you may know in my last post, Pangerang isn’t really a tourist place. People only come here for seafood lunches and start their cycling adventures.

But this may change soon, between Tanjung Pengelih Ferry Terminal and Pangerang, the Malaysians have been cutting down large swatch of rubber tree farms literately stretching from the ferry terminal to the town; and are building oil refineries, natural gas storage facilities, which will supply oil and gas to Singapore.


Our seaside adventure

We were sharing a taxi with an Singaporean family and the couple in their 60s were saying that they sometime come to Pangerang for nostalgic reasons. We were told the town was very similar to Singapore when they were growing up in 1950s and 1960s. That put into perspective on how much Singapore has developed since then. In a sense we were very privileged to be able to explore Pangerang and saw the local life.

Welcome sign to the Pangerang
Yummy local street food, everything were RM1 (£0.20). We loved the deep fried bananas served with chilli sauce.
Yes, this is a local drink in Malaysia. Despite its name, it was rather pleasent and it didn’t taste like poo.
Sea side town (the beach is not the cleanest but the view was good) We bought some of the goodies on that stall and set at the bench near the beach.
The giant prawn is the status of the town for its abundance of seafood, especially for its prawns and lobsters. I better run before it turns me into lunch!

After morning snack

We walked around the town for a bit and to explore the local area. Guess what we saw? A sign openly hiring illegal workers (probably in the building sites outside the town). Seriously, we saw at least three or four of those bright yellow signs dotted around Pangerang! Maybe the local police didn’t care??


Anyone wants to hire this dude illegally?
Quite lanes outside the main part of town.
Going down the country lane. This is what you call proper countryside



Banana flower! It looks delicious.
After our walk, we went into an Indian cafe for lunch. The curry was very authentic as it blew my head off. Also, there were many Indian builders went there for lunch too.
Before we left Pangerang, we said goodbye to the cocks in the lane. Sorry for . eating your friends for lunch. Well more like sorry but not sorry!

Have you visited a random town that is definitely not a tourist place? What was your experience? Comment below and we would love to hear it.

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