Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival On South Lantau Trail – Part 1

Last year Hayley and I celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with some of our friends by climbing up one of a river in New Territories. This year the bank holiday landed on a Friday, therefore we had a long weekend to celebrate. To make it romantic, we decided to hit the trail, got the tent out and appreciate the beauty of the moon.

Our first night

As a tradition, many companies would let their staff to leave work early. So we took advantage to head to the Big Buddha that evening to make the most out of the long weekend. Yes, it was cool to see the Big Buddha at night away from all the tourists and of course to spend a night at a campsite near there.

Seriously, this was so peaceful. Apart from a couple of night hikers we were the only one there.


After 10 minutes walk from the Buddha, we settled in at a campsite nearby. We cooked paella, enjoyed the evening under the bright moonlight and said hello to the bunny lady. What a beautiful sight of the Lantau Peak we had to enjoy, the tallest mountain on the island. (In case you don’t know the legend of the bunny lady – find out what a fellow blogger, Autumn, has to say about it)

Hayley cooked paella for the first our first night of camping.  This is what you’d call posh camping food.
Earth to moon, earth to moon, where is that bunny lady?


Sharing our breakfast with the cow

When we woke up on the next morning, we were sharing the field with lots of wild cows of Hong Kong. As the morning went by more and more cows turned up by coming through the bush. We were glad that we didn’t pitch up by one of the cow track, otherwise we might have been trampled over!

Generally,.the cows in Hong Kong are very chilled and often they gety curious and come close to the humans. We even saw one of them went up to our camping cooker and started to sniff at the residual petrol vapour from the recently used hob. I’m sure he was getting high!

These cows were literally a few feet in front of me and they were happily munching down grass for their breakfast.


Exploring Shek Pik Reservoir and South Lantau

Once we said goodbye to the cows, we headed south towards the Shek Pik Reservior on one of the country trials. Although we’ve been to Lantau for many times, I had never been on to this trail before. The view on this trail was amazing and we were able to look down to the reservoir and beyond!

Along the trails, there were quite a few surprises and they were the small streams that we came across. It was a very hot day and we couldn’t resist to jump into and cool off. What a bliss!

An amazing view towards the reservoir and the South China Sea beyond
It was nice to jump into the river!

When we looked up from the Shek Pik Reservior we were able to see the backside of the Big Buddha. (How elegant xD). We couldn’t believe we walked a very long way since the morning! We continue our journey to the south and approach Tai Long Wan Beach. Seriously, another Tai Long Wan Beach? There are many of those in Hong Kong! I guess one has to specify which one when speaking to friends!

At the bottom of hill, we were able to see the Big Buddha’s back. It looked like we had a long walk.
Yes, another Tai Long Wan Beach, but this one is on the :Lantau Island.

Once we reached Tai Long Wan, we pitched up our tent and celebrated with a good bowl of noodles and giant slides of mooncake! I generally not keen on the traditional mooncake, but this tasted very nice. At least we needed the calorie!

Man with fire! Phil is a typical pyromaniac!


So here was our first couple of days of our adventure. More to come on the next post.

What were you up to at the Mid-Autumn? How did you celebrate it? What was your adventure?



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  1. I feel like a slacker now, with my big adventure being just finding mooncakes in Los Angeles. Yours was way more exciting.

    Especially since cows kill more people than sharks.

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yhpchung says:

      Well. finding mooncakes could be an adventure. Here in HK, people queue for long hours to get their hands on to these stuff! In case there are some mainland Chinese in the mix, it is likely that it turns into a WWE show!

      Liked by 1 person

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