Our Adventurous Holiday in Timor-Laste

“We are off to Timor-Laste for a 10 day holiday”, said Hayley and Phil.

The typical response would would be “What? Where?” Or as my mum put it “is that a random country in the Middle East that is with war with the Americans?”

The answer is it’s a small country that is in between Indonesia and Australia. Located in Southeast Asia, it is one of the newest countries on the planet, but yet one of the poorest and least explored countries on earth.


So the next question from people, especially for the Hongkongese, is “why on earth have you decided to go there? Can’t you just go to some normal places like Japan?”

Well I just looked at the world map and just picked a random country that we haven’t been. As for Japan, as much as it is nice, both of us can still go there even if we have to walk in zimmer frames when we are in our 80s, so why not go off the beaten trek?

Camping out at Atauro Island, where there are a lot of amazing coral reef that one can explore under water

It turned out Timor-Laste, also known as East Timor, is one of the least travelled and the most underrated tourist destinations in the world. Being underrated because of the hidden beauty and the great biodiversity in the sea and on the mountains. On top of that, it is steep in history for it was a Portuguese colony; and it has been through many conflicts such as World War II as well as decades of the Indonesian occupations.

Scuba diving at Atauro Island
Climbing up Mount Remelau, the highest mountain in Timor-Leste (2,986m)


During our trip we were scuba diving in the sea and trekked up to the highest peak in the country. We were amazed how much we saw.

Words can hardly describe what we experienced. However, in the upcoming blog posts you will be sharing some of our highlights of our holiday. So make sure you subscribe to our blog.

Have you ever got a strange reaction when you told someone your choice of your holiday destination? What were their reactions? Where was the most random places have you been? Comment below and let us know!


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