30 is the New 21: A New Page of My Life

Some say 30 is the new 21, with a new life and adventures await. As I hit the ye olde milestone this month, my life has changed up-side-down. After living out of a suitcase for a few months, I finally said goodbye to Hong Kong and moved to the Netherlands literally 2 days before I turned 30. I arrived in a country which I was not over familiar with, except knowing it is famous for its bikes, windmills, story of Anne Frank, paintings of Vincent van Gogh, and of course cannabis.

Since I arrived in the Netherlands three weeks ago, it has certainly been an great adventure for me. I have a chance to explore some awesome places in the Netherlands and tried a lot of yummy food


Adventures on two wheels & Other Dutch Things

Since we have moved to the Netherlands, we have had quite a few adventures on two wheels. We managed to explore many of the lovely countryside on our bikes. This has given us a lot of freedom to do some random things during the weekends too!

Wheels on the bikes go round and round…
Our first windmill – it is outside Neunen, a village where van Gogh lived during his golden years of his painting

Apart from adventuring on our bikes, we also enjoyed many things that are typical Dutch, including cheese, herrings, friet and mayonnaise.

Cheese Gromit! They look very delicious.
OK, this is just plainly touristy. I haven’t anyone wearing any clogs yet.


Teaching An Old Dog with New Tricks

I am also learning a completely new language – Dutch. The old saying of you can teach an old dog new tricks hold true. I even managed to order some cheese, meat and asparagus from the market stalls using Dutch, despite completely butchering it – but hey I got what I wanted!

Ik spreek maar een beetje nederlands


Looking Forward

I have enjoyed living in the Netherlands so far and I’m glad that I have the opportunity to continue our adventures at our new home! What a privilege it has been!

More adventures to come

Have you move from one country to another? How was it? Have you enjoyed exploring the new country?


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  1. I envy you the cheese so very, very much.


    1. yhpchung says:

      Haha, I must admit they are very tasty 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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