A Random Day Out in Venlo, Netherlands

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go to Venlo spontaneously. It is a small city in the South of the Netherlands in Limburg Province and it sits right at the border with Germany.

We thought it would be an adventure explore some of the local markets and the historical town centre, as well as trying some of the yummy local food.

Wandling Around the City Centre

A short walk away from the train station is the historical city centre. This city can be dated back well before the 14th century when it was a busy river trading port for the region. It felt like we went travelling and ended up in Medieval Europe. Maybe we took a ride in Dr Who’s Tardis instead of a train down there!

Town centre on a Saturday morning – most cafes are shut
A quick selfie outside the city hall

One of the highlights were the Saturday market at one of the city squares. There were a lot people selling different kind of interesting arts and crafts, clothing, and decorative items. That said, we enjoy visiting many of the stalls selling food and drinks. A typical Dutch thing to do was to go round the market and try all the different free samples that they offered, including cheeses and olives. We also brought some kipplings and friet for lunch too. They are basically equivalent to Fish and Chips in the UK.

People selling arts and crafts in the Saturday Market
Cheese, more cheese! If it weren’t for all those cycling, I will be overweight by now.
Chilling out by River Meuse

Exploring Local Churches

Another highlight of the town is the local churches and the Sint Martinuskerk Church particularly caught our eyes. The brickwork may look rather ordinary from the outside, but from the inside the stained glass windows show their brilliance. They painted a story of the disciples and all the saints. I really like the deep blue colour on the windows.

According to Wikipedia (a platform of all knowledge 🙂 ), this brick church was built on 1000 AD to replace the older wooden church. It was also rebuilt after WW2. Indeed it was a very old church.

Sint Martinuskerk Church
We were blinded by the bling bling at the front of the church!
A display case filled with ancient artifacts that were used in this church
A magnificent screen cover presumably covered with gold leaf and decorated with the story of Jesus being put on a cross. 

Trip Details:

  • Getting to Venlo: Half-hourly intercity train connect Venlo to Amsterdam (about 2 hours) and Eindhoven (40 mins); International train connects to Duesseldorf, Germany (1 hour)

Have you visited Venlo or the surrounding area? What was your experience? Comment below!


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  1. More cheese! Which is good. You can never have too much cheese. Is there a local bread to go with it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yhpchung says:

      Plenty of bread 🙂 I would have gained tonnes of
      weights if it weren’t for all those cycling!


      1. It sounds delicious. Now, what about the pastries?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yhpchung says:

        They are damn good, especially stroopwafels, apple pies and bossche bollen (they are massive pastry balls filled with cream and cover in chocolate)


      3. I want a bossche bollen now.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. yhpchung says:

        Come and visit!

        Liked by 1 person

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