Eindhoven Liberation Day: Part 2

On 18 September 1944, Eindhoven celebrated the liberation day. Every year on the same day, Eindhoven commemorates the end of Nazi occupation during World War 2.

Soon after the end of the Nazi occupation, the residents were able to switch on the lights once again. Over the years, this has turned into a light celebration where fancy light displays were hung up across the city. This year the light route was 22 km long. It was best to see all these lovely displays on bikes. (Yes, we have already been Dutchified).


Did this ship sail from Rotterdam?
Light display with a typical Dutch theme!
Another Dutch light display – Miffy is a Dutch creation
That’s something random. But that chameleon looks cool.
Why is there a dragon breathing fire?
Is that a UFO or magic mushroom?
You can even enjoy your ice-cream or coffee halfway through the ride.
This is an elaborate light display by a local lake! How lovely.


Trip Details:

  • The light route this year was 22 km in length. While it’s OK to see it by driving your car around town. The best thing is actually seeing this by your bike. You get to stop to appreciate the details of light displays.
  • The light route can be found on http://www.lichtjesroute.org/en/
  • To see more about our experience for the 18 September commemoration – click here to read our another blog post.

Have you seen the light displays in Eindhoven? What was your experience? Is there something similar in the place you live? Comment below!

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  1. So there is no particular theme to the light displays? Not like the Lantern Festival or Christmas?

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    1. There wasn’t an overall theme, but there is one on each street. For example the smurf street where they have all the smurfs and another one would be the paratroopers theme streets where there were parachute light displays etc

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