Surviving Winter Wonderland

Last week, the “Beast from the East” visited Europe and temperature plummeted to below freezing. Of course this was un-seasonally cold. In Eindhoven, the temperature dropped to around -10 ºC most morning, and of course we had to bite the bullet and cycle to work.

Enjoying the Nature Outside

Phil and Hayley are known to get grumpy without going out exploring what the nature has to offered to us. We are lucky in a sense that we have to go to work by bikes, this allows us to experience all four seasons at its best. Whilst it was snowing heavily in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, it was mostly very sunny around where we are until the last day of the deep freeze

Look at that frozen lake. We wondered whether it was thick enough to skate on!
Our day-trip to Muider Castle near Amsterdam. It was just the beginning of the deep freeze and the moat was beginning to freeze!

On the last day of the deep freeze Hayley and I headed out for a hike in the local forest around Eindhoven. It was lovely to get out there to have some fresh air and be with the nature.

The dog even enjoyed being out in the snow!
More winter wonderland pictures
A quick selfie – of course


Apart from hikes, what did the other Dutch people do?

Spend their time outdoors of course! Many of the canals and lakes around the country were frozen, so you might as well go skating (or biking on ice)… this Facebook picture says it all!

Beating the Cold Like a Pro

The Dutch is famous for their bike to a point the children learn how to bike before walk. While most  Dutchies would stick their hands into their hoodie pockets, I chose to go out sensibly (or overkilling it)… Of course I was getting a lot of WTF looks, but who cares. At least I wasn’t as crazy as the dude cycling on a frozen lake.

It looks like I’m going to rob a bank first thing in the morning! Or maybe I was bring the Winter Olympic sprite back home.


Summer is Coming!

Just a couple of days after the deep freeze, the temperature shot up to 12ºC. Wow what a sudden change, and it certainly feel like a barbecue summer. 🙂

All the ice were gone in the Amsterdam canal. Now off with the skates and on with the sea kayak!

Were you in Europe last week? How did you survive the winter wonderland? Comment below!

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  1. ski goggles on a bike? How on earth did you get your helmet over them?

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    1. Easy! Where there’s a will, there’s a solution!

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