Day Trip to Pangerang, Malaysia

When Hayley and I were in Singapore in May, we decided to take a side trip to Pangerang, Malaysia. The place is not somewhere that is on the top of the list for most tourists, and the way to get there is to take a bum boat from Changi, Singapore, as oppose to crossing the land border up north, like many “normal” tourist would do.


Crossing An International Border In Luxury & Style

Sense of Adventure – Check Passport – Check Ticket – Errr, let’s get it on the spot. When is the boat leaving? Don’t know, whenever it’s full… So, Hayley and Phil, where were you going this time? Pangerang! Where on earth is that? In Malaysia, not far away from Singapore.  Even many of the local Singaporeans would be…

5 Things to Do / Experience in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Last month, Hayley and I went to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for a weekend to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary. Apart of scuba diving, we enjoyed many other things else in town. Here’s are our highlights: 1. The Food and Drink We loved the local foods that were available in the beautiful town. Hayley and…