Random Wandering in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

Hayley and I went to Puerto Princesa mainly for scuba diving, but we also took some time to explore the city or as the local would call the City Proper (innit).

Instead of joining the packaged city tour by the hotel, we decided to do our DIY trip, so we can explore it on foot and at our own pace.

The Under Water World at Palawan Island, Philippines

Last month, Hayley and I went scuba diving at Puetro Princesa, Palawan Island in the Philippines. This was our first dive trip since we got our PADI certification. It was great to put our newly acquired skill into actions and at the same time had the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystem in the world.

Exploring Pulau Ubin, Singapore On Bikes

A couple of months ago, Hayley and I were in Singapore for a weekend. It is a country which we visited quite a few times and this time we decided to explore a different part of the country. So we checked out Pulau Ubin, which is an island east of Singapore. Many people would call Pulau…

Day Trip to Pangerang, Malaysia

When Hayley and I were in Singapore in May, we decided to take a side trip to Pangerang, Malaysia. The place is not somewhere that is on the top of the list for most tourists, and the way to get there is to take a bum boat from Changi, Singapore, as oppose to crossing the land border up north, like many “normal” tourist would do.

Crossing An International Border In Luxury & Style

Sense of Adventure – Check Passport – Check Ticket – Errr, let’s get it on the spot. When is the boat leaving? Don’t know, whenever it’s full… So, Hayley and Phil, where were you going this time? Pangerang! Where on earth is that? In Malaysia, not far away from Singapore.  Even many of the local Singaporeans would be…

Afternoon Fika at FINDS

Earlier this month, Hayley treated me to an afternoon fika in a Scandinavian cafe called FINDS in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. I was told  the name stands for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.  Fika is a Swedish word that means going for a coffee in a social setting. These days, you can have…

[Video & Photo Blog] Revisiting the Double Deer Stream in Hong Kong

Double Deer River is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. It’s definitely off-beat and once you get there, it feels like you are in somewhere exotic and totally away from Hong Kong. Since I first went there a few years ago, it has become an annual ritual for me to visit it and climb up the waterfalls.

Letting it Go in Hong Kong’s Winter Wonderland – Part 2: Getting (Kind of) Famous

On the day, we had a French magazine editor from the Geo Magazine. This magazine specalises in travel and lifestyle . We were honoured to have the editor tagged along the group and experienced the best of Hong Kong’s wilderness. (Literately, off the beaten path for most tourists). Of course, we were looking forward to getting famous in the Francosphere.

[Photo & Video Blog] Exploring Sharp Island of Hong Kong

On a weekend in March, few of our friends decided to explore some nearby islands of Sai Kung city of Hong Kong. Many of these places are accessible by passenger boats, but we decided to do it differently. We went exploring on sit-on-top kayak.