Last Coasteering Trip in Hong Kong

As you may already know, this week is my last week of Hong Kong. As I say goodbye, I am continue my second installment of #GoodbyeHongKong series. A few years ago I was introduced to an adventure sports called coasteering by some good friends of mine and I have had a lot of adventure since…

Night Dive at Sharp Island, Hong Kong

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything on this blog. It has really been busy in the last few months, and life has taken me to a whole new direction. This was something that I wasn’t expecting a year ago, but life is always a journey of adventure and how exciting it…

Our Adventurous Holiday in Timor-Laste

“We are off to Timor-Laste for a 10 day holiday”, said Hayley and Phil. The typical response would would be “What? Where?” Or as my mum put it “is that a random country in the Middle East that is with war with the Americans?” The answer is it’s a small country that is in between…

Exploring Cymer Abbey at the Snowdonia National Park in a Summer Morning

In August, Hayley and I went to the UK to see the family and friends. It had been a long time since we visited and we really enjoyed it very much despite it was really a whirlwind trip. As part of our trip, we took some time to have a family holiday in Wales, more specifically in the Snowdonia National Park.

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival On South Lantau Trail – Part 2

Last year Hayley and I celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with some of our friends by climbing up one of a rivers in New Territories. This year to make it romantic, we decided to hit the trail at the South Lantau Island, which is one of the most remote areas of Hong Kong. We literately saw…

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival On South Lantau Trail – Part 1

Last year Hayley and I celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with some of our friends by climbing up one of a river in New Territories. This year the bank holiday landed on a Friday, therefore we had a long weekend to celebrate. To make it romantic, we decided to hit the trail, got the tent out…

Hardcore Coasteering Day Out at Sai Kung, Hong Kong

This summer, it’s time for me to do an annual trip to Po Pin Chau area of Sai Kung, Hong Kong to pay homage to one of the best natural scenery in one of the UNESCO Global Geoparks that is located here in Hong Kong. It is an area full of volcanic geography and especially famous for the hexagonal columns of volcanic rocks.

Hiking Up Gon Pak Stream At 40 Degrees

The temperature was well over 40 degree and the relative humidity was well over 90%. As the radio presenter in Good Morning Vietnam says, “It is real hot, damn hot. The hottest thing is my short”. Yes, this was so true maybe one should perhaps heed his advise? But no we decided to head out to Gon Pak Stream to cool off. Well, at least that was what we thought!

The Under Water World at Palawan Island, Philippines

Last month, Hayley and I went scuba diving at Puetro Princesa, Palawan Island in the Philippines. This was our first dive trip since we got our PADI certification. It was great to put our newly acquired skill into actions and at the same time had the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystem in the world.

Exploring Pulau Ubin, Singapore On Bikes

A couple of months ago, Hayley and I were in Singapore for a weekend. It is a country which we visited quite a few times and this time we decided to explore a different part of the country. So we checked out Pulau Ubin, which is an island east of Singapore. Many people would call Pulau…