Hiking Up Gon Pak Stream At 40 Degrees

The temperature was well over 40 degree and the relative humidity was well over 90%. As the radio presenter in Good Morning Vietnam says, “It is real hot, damn hot. The hottest thing is my short”. Yes, this was so true maybe one should perhaps heed his advise? But no we decided to head out to Gon Pak Stream to cool off. Well, at least that was what we thought!

[Video & Photo Blog] Revisiting the Double Deer Stream in Hong Kong

Double Deer River is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. It’s definitely off-beat and once you get there, it feels like you are in somewhere exotic and totally away from Hong Kong. Since I first went there a few years ago, it has become an annual ritual for me to visit it and climb up the waterfalls.

10 favourite places in Hong Kong

So many people know, I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast and there are many places in Hong Kong where one can enjoy the lovely countryside. So, here are some of my favourite place that I enjoy very much. 1. Double Deer Stream – Sai Kung 西貢 雙鹿石澗 What I like about it:  Nice volcanic rock geography and…

Spider woman goes on a second steam trek

I would like to tell you a story about my second steam trekking adventure to 馬大石澗/Ma Dai Stream. Phil and I arrived at the meeting point to find there was noone there so a quick phone call and we found out that they had decided to go for breakfast at a local cafe, so off we…

First Post & First Stream Trekking Date With My Wife

I am really excited to be writing my first ever blog post. Recently, I’ve been doing a few “first” in my life, this includes my first coasteering with friends and first stream trekking date with my wife. The last couple of weekends have been action packed and adrenaline fuelled. To people who know me, being outdoors…